Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Crush

Sunny was the day,
I was sitting with some friends
sharing the jokes,
and laughing at new trends

then I noticed u,
standing in the crowd;
ur lips were shut
but eyes spoke loud

I was spelled by the
magic in ur eyes,
and kept searching for
the truth inside ur lies

you never said anything,
not even a hint;
maybe i was a fool
or was it just an instinct ?

I did everything
to bring u close,
but to live without me
is what u chose !!

u can go and
leave me behind
but let me tell u,
u'll always be on my mind

I think of u
whatever be the time
I plead guilty ,
if that is a crime

I'll wait 4 the day
when we can be together
and, I really dont care
even if that takes forever !!

-- VP - from ashes 2 glory, pride & honor --
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