Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Betrayed Love

In the pain of scorching sun

deserted was her I witnessed

avoiding to wipe the sweat on her forehead

as the cursed time she faced.

In the pouring rains she wept I saw

as the tears camouflaged in those drops

alone in those water logged fields

witnessing the wet harvest of crops.

I saw her in those fallen relics

that shouted the historic glory,

that heroic age and its saddened fall

in those missing pages of glory.

I saw her in that mesmerising moon

which lightened her unseen sorrow,

through my window I watched her sink

in the endless wait of tomorrow.

I saw her in those blossoming springs

when the flowers bloomed in fragrance,

she remained alone for surveillant fate

as time tested her patience.

I saw her back in the defunct chamber

where black blood pour out of her veins.

Her face buried in her folded arms

in dark corners she wept out her pains.

Turning away from the evidences I saw

Worried and thinking of that figure so blur,

who was she? making me her presence felt

taking me on ride of the forbidden slur?

In the night past 12 as I closed my eyes,

again she haunted my mind,

all her sightings in my open eyes

set the story to unwind.

It was the same date that made me saw her,

as my emotions broke my heart's prison

she was the sad face of my dark memories

my betrayed love, still haunting my vision.
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