Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Copyright act

There is a great need of a forum for all writers and editors in India. I have come to know that many face problems in publishing their books. Writing a books comes under Intellectual
property and our Indian Copy Right Act provides safety to all such writers. Therefore, I appeal to all writers of the country to register their work under copyright act of India. The fees is only Rs.50/= for each work. First get the copyright and then give it to a publisher for publication. In this way you will be protected under Indian Copy Right Act. I have come to know that Publishers in India do not pay royalty in most cases. Some of them do pay but not more than 15% and in most cases less than 10%.
This condition is really pity. The work is created by an author but profit is eaten up by publisher.

I appeal to all authors and prospective authors to be cautious of such publishers. Please remember your work (A story, a poem or a book) is your intellectual property and you should be profited most by your intellectual work.

What I see that there is not a single forum in the country for writers where all of them can exchange their ideas and views. Such a forum is NEED OF THE DAY. Such a forum can o a long way in protecting the needs of writers.

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