Saturday, December 22, 2012

An open letter to Central & Delhi govts. and to my fellow countrymen/women

Just came back from watching news on tv. I rarely do so nowadays, knowing what all crap these so-called news channels serve us full 24 hrs. But today is no normal a day. The whole country's pulse is beating high with aggression over law & order situation over last few days. A girl in her early twenties is fighting for her life every second in hospital after her brutal gang-rape 6 days ago. And the incident has provided the spark missing to the already built-up explosives of tension in common man's mind over the insecurities of safety for their womenfolk.

News channels, ah, mostly sensationalizing and cheaply appealing most of the days, today seem to have stricken a chord right at the angry nerves of the countrymen. Watching scenes of protests at several parts of Delhi, leading from Vijay Chowk to India Gate to Raisina Hills, first thought that came to my mind was 'Why the hell am I not in Delhi/NCR today?' Well, since being there was out of my control, I decided to join candle march protest going to be held tomorrow in Bangalore, which I was earlier not fully sure of joining (80-20 situation).

Coming over to the scenes in the news I had watched for more than an hour today (which is quite huge compared to the figures of the last few years), I felt a sense of gratification seeing thousands or even lakhs of young protesters there doing their bit. Their only demand - strengthen law & order, and capital punishment for the rape guilty. And suddenly, I was taken aback at the scene where police were shown throwing water cannons, tear gas, even lathi-charging at protesters. 

Water cannons in the chilling December winters of Delhi?!>!/// Where is the humanity, idiots?!

Why! Just because they were trying to break the barricades put up to block their way so that they couldn't reach Raisina Hills or Rashtrapati Bhawan. I agree that proper security has to be maintained as these are sensitive areas w.r.t. national security; but deploying RAF (Rapid Action Force) to beat the protesters like this doesn't come under the name of Democracy. 

First, the govt. can't maintain law & order; there is no details about the patrolmen on duty that night in that area in the police report submitted in the court hearing; and then, the rulers have the guts to control aggression like this?! So many of them, around 100s, have been injured and given first aid and taken to hospital on suspicion of minor fractures / for stitches.

This will only aggravate people's anger. They say they have caught all the accused and case is going on, what else do we want? Madam/Sir, we want Delhi and whole of India to be safe n secure n rape-free. You, bloody hell 'rulers', even after the case, haven't you seen that Aaj Tak reporter's video where on the same road just after a day of the incident, a few passersby in a car passed comment on her, and only drove away when they saw the cameraman taking their video?

Is this your security situation just after a shocking rape incident on the same road after a day of its happening?! 

Ms. Shiela Dixit! What are you doing as Delhi CM for last 15 years, if this is how Delhi operates day and night, where no woman is safe?! And now you order police and RAF to 'control' protesters! Ha! LOL over you.

This was just a trailer today.. you see, what happens tomorrow and the week ahead. If the guily are not punished by Hang Till Death, the Delhi streets are going to be like Libya/Egypt/Syria streets. This is not at all acceptable.

People from all of India! if you are there or could be there in Delhi tomorrow.. go, join the protest with your family, especially womenfolk. This is required not because of only this case, but becausewhat will you answer when your wife/daughter/sister asks you how you make them feel safe n secure!

All is in your hands, males and females, this is your present, it's gonna be your future. Take a step, if you want to feel free in Delhi or wherever. 

Jai Hind!
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