Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Minto Ultramintz: the suger-free mint in town

First of all, I feel quite excited doing my first ever product review and that too for BlogAdda, India's leading bloggers' website.

Today's review is not about any book as has been the usual case exactly since last year (when I initially started book reviewing, courtesy BlogAdda again). Today, you will here read about ITC's FMCG brand Minto's latest product catering to the menthol market


Presenting premium and powerful sugar-free mintz:

60 extra strong pellets packed in a stylish black tin case. Each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and is powered by speciality cooling compounds.

Prepare yourself for unimaginable cooling with 


I have never been into menthol products much till now. In fact, I recall tasting any peppermint after very long, maybe 1 year at the least. When BlogAdda announced the product review program for Minto Ultramintz, I tended to bypass it but decided to check out more about the product out of curiosity. It was then that it held my interest. The promotional material was quite good and catchy; the video commercial hold my attention. So I thought why not give it a chance and I applied for the review, with absolutely no expectation about my blog getting selected for the same.

Watch the video commercial here

And suddenly a few days after when the courier arrived, I perceived that a new book might have come for the review. But to my extreme pleasure, two sophisticated cardboard boxes (with Ultramintz tin box packed inside each in a royal fashion) dashed out as soon as I opened the package. Without delaying any further, I opened one of the mint boxes and took out 3-4 pellets on my palm through a perfectly designed opening in the box, and popped them into my mouth.

Sensational! Yes, that was the feeling to be exact. Ultra-coolness with a perfect combination of taste, smell, and touch entered my nerves and breath; and I was transported to snowy mountains of Himalayas for a brief moment, that was the kind of exhilaration I experienced. Not perfectly mind-blowing, but no less either ;) And since then (for the last 7 days), I regularly kept sharing these with my friends and have used myself everyday; and now I am taking the second box with me to my hometown tomorrow to share the same with my siblings and friends there :)

The pic above describes my true condition that moment of chilling-pilling :D

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Likes: (suits my style because)
Extra strong peppermint => awesomely refreshing menthol
Sugar-free; zero calorie benefits to all
Chill pill in its true sense
Liked the idea of so many (60) pellets in a single classy metal box for convenience
Attractive packaging of the review product 

Small size of pellets; had to put minimum 2 in the mouth for the uber classic feel of menthol cooling
High cost (Rs.50/- for a box of 60 pellets)


The chill of Antarctica packed in a stylish tin case. 60 incredibly strong pellets to make you freeze! So, reward yourself with mint-o Ultramintz: the Sugar-Free Chill-Pill that adds to your style, and refreshes you in a mortal way like you would have never experienced before.

My overall rating: 4 stars out of 5

P.S. -- "I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda"

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