Friday, January 9, 2015

Get. Set. Bolt!

So, last Sunday I was in the Forum mall to check out the newest car in town, the suave Tata Bolt. Standing in the centre arena of the mall, the lustrous look of the car was inviting looks from everyone passing by and the driving enthusiasts weren't satisfied without taking a hotshot look at it from nearby and even getting into the driver's seat.. And here I present few of its features I felt to be cutting edge.

For the first time ever in the compact hatch class of cars, Multi-Drive option has been introduced by Tata Bolt. Choose your mode to match the road you're on and the mood you're in. Sport-mode for Power, Eco-mode for mileage and City-mode for a balance between the two.

Sport: Want to have that adrenaline rush and leave the city behind. Choose Sport mode and get the intelligent burst of power when needed.

Eco: Drive smart and switch on the Eco mode so as to make use of every drop of precious fuel. This mode maximizes the fuel efficiency for the super-saving drive.

City: Whenever stuck in lame traffic, switch to City mode to enjoy a hassle-free ride as it offers a perfect balance of power and mileage, optimized for city driving conditions.


Turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine

Get an exceptionally powerful driving experience. The name Revotron is an amalgamation of Revolution and the French word "tronel", meaning "balance". It conveys the essence of this engine brand that uses key technological advances to revolutionize and balance great driving maneuverability, without compromising on power or fuel efficiency.

    3. India's First-in-class 1.2L turbocharged MPFi petrol engine

More power. Better efficiency. The turbo charger delivers power when you need it the most. Thanks to Revotron 1.2T, one doesn't have to be a race car driver to experience it.

    4. 3,00,000 hours of research & developmental testing 

3 lakh hours of R&D testing of the engine in various geographical locations, under different climate conditions and at various altitudes to ensure you get an engine that performs at its peak no matter what the condition is.

    5Best-in-class low-end torque of 140 Nm at low 1500 rpm

Fewer gearshifts & quicker acceleration come together to make the most comfortable drive imaginable. So, get in and get off the block before anyone else.

Besides, Bolt has been developed as a part of international collaboration with global design team.

Ek test-drive toh banta hai! So Get, Set, Bolt!!

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