Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sachchi Advice Ek Baar, Jiyo Khulke Har Baar

Here I would like to talk about one of the biggest moments of life which I have never told anyone about. During the year 2012 I was going through what is known as Opportunity Cost crisis in my life. I have been working in Govt. sector for 2 years then and also pursuing my hobby of writing Poetry seriously part-time. But it was being quite difficult with time to pursue both of them with equal ease and time. The doubts sprung in my mind garden what if I had been under that tree instead of standing in the shadow of the current one. And the thing was I couldn't be sure whether to continue pursuing both and keep faltering or to take up one and continue it seriously.

The Dilemma:

I couldn't leave my Govt. job as it was necessary for my financial independence and my family's financial security. I couldn't just leave Poetry as it was (and still is) the one and the foremost thing which gives me peace of mind. But there was no financial success on this path of creativity. It reduces my stress when all the disturbing or overflowing thoughts pour out on paper and I feel free and could sleep calmly.

The Torture:

Few months passed by in the same state of mind. I was getting less interested in doing job as it used to stress me completely out working full day. I was not getting enough sleep time due to standing tall at creative fronts (my poems) most of the night hours. There was a continuous war waged in my head due to this perpetual dilemma where I was not being able to decide finally what to do, where to go, how to live the rest of my life. 


I had made an online friend, whom I call Shkz, based on mutual admiration of historic personalities and the love for language. When I brought up this issue with her, she advised me to go for DMIT.

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) critically assesses the inherent acumen and aptitude of the individual, and attempts to map the different creative and cognitive processes within the brain. While most other tests offer, at best, only a static result of a given performance at any time, the DMIT continually maps the development and growth of talent along an educational gradient.

What it factors in within its scope is not just the potential and scope for an existing skill-set to improve within a person, but also the possibilities for an individual to acquire a new skill set or talent. So, while an I.Q test for a child is restricted to only cognitive reasoning (for example, how good or bad he might be in mathematics at one given standard), the DMIT showcases multiple facets and applications of memory-based learning, reasoning, decision-making and even creativity. 

The Outcome

I took her advice, found out more about my existing talent and natural skill-set. She showed me map, I found out the direction and then headed towards my life's calling. I stopped striving to be the best at my workplace, became an average employee non-willing to an outstanding employee so as to pursue my creative talent and focus more on Writing.

3 years from then, today, I have my poems (Hindi as well as English) in more than 10 national and international anthologies and magazines. 

Last month, we had a grand launch of my latest anthology KarnaKavita @ Atta Galatta, Bangalore.

Last week, my song Thodi Si Khushi (for which I am the lyricist) was released in a short film Ginger Chai by AndC Productions.

My song is at the end of the movie --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efd5N6dWuho

My Facebook poetry page --> VPS.hitaishi

Next, I am endeavoring to bring out my own poetry book and an adventure fiction novel in the coming times.

P.S. -- I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.

P.P.S. -- I am planning to write another blog post for this contest on how I got convinced by one of my friends to take a Term Plan (I used to be against it earlier) and how I found out that MaxLife among the best for this purpose.
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