Thursday, January 28, 2016

Laughter: the best medicine in Love

Laughter is the best medicine in love, they say. What no one says but still understands is that Laughter is the best therapy in Love too.

And with Valentine's Day just around corner, give her the gift of perennial Laughter. Evergreen smiles.

The incident I am going to narrate here is a very recent one. Me and my wife, along with another couple, made an on-the-spot plan to visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore on the occasion of Republic Day Flower Show. The outing went to be a refreshing one with initial hiccups of parking and crowd. And we came back home to live happily ever after. But as it happened, for next 2 days I couldn't find even an iota of time to upload the pictures we clicked with our digicam as well as smartphones, she started teasing me lightly that I don't care for her.

So, yesterday as I reached home after work, I made it my first priority to surprise her not only by uploading a few of the selected pics but also by giving witty captions to her pics.

And here is the beautiful outcome of the sincere thought:

Oh, I forgot to mention I do poetry too, hence of course the witty caption(s) had to be in the form of romantic shayari. And my wife found it too amusing and couldn't stop smiling when she saw the notification in her facebook and devoured it with earnestness.

The lines actually mean:
Beautiful natured lady among blossoming flowers
Looks to me very loving and adorable

I believe that life can be enjoyed more beautifully if you have someone to share it with you. And small things like the above example of making her smile genuinely go really a long way to incorporate and strengthen the bond of pure love among the two.

And this is just one single case, the incident above. I try to make her laugh everyday by making silly jokes revolving around her/us/anything. And she reciprocates by getting involved in the moment which makes our day literally. It's not that I am the only one trying to do something like this, she also is equally adept at making me laugh with her innocent humour and the result is always a laugh or two or.... it goes on and on.

Now go and make your better half grin from ear to ear. And before that, do watch the video below. Keep laughing, keep enjoying.

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