Thursday, May 12, 2016

IndiMeet: Horlicks special

It's not a hidden fact that nutrition is the most important thing for us to live healthy. And daily dose of recommended nutrition is what makes us strong inside so that we can grow outside. But various national studies conducted in major cities of India have found out that almost 80% of our children are not getting proper nutrition in their diet. Based on this topic, we had a successful bloggers' meet conducted by IndiBlogger and Horlicks last Sunday evening at Hotel Taj Vivanta at Bengaluru.

After we got refreshed by Horlicks stirred mango drinks, the stage was taken by Jill Castle, renowned nutritionist from USA, and she shared facts and truth about today's food, children's nutrition and various studies supporting the fact that a healthy looking body may not be healthy inside. Later Amaan Khan, head of marketing at GSK, and doctors from esteemed hospitals shared their research about the state of malnutrition in Indian children, about Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) among various other facts.

Important points:
  • Micronutrients are essential and Horlicks has relaunched its product and now provides 100% RDA for all 23 vital nutrients.
  • Western diet should be avoided or minimized.
  • Pasteurized milk need not be boiled again at home
  • Diet Diversification and Food Fortification are the best methods to ensure proper nutrition to the child
  • Egg and milk are the only whole foods. 
  • Intake of Organic fruits and vegetables should be increased.

Since it was Mothers Day and many bloggers seemed to be supporting the cause by carrying their children to the venue to give space and support to their wives, the theme of the meet was aimed at mothers who should make effort to provide proper nutrition to their children, daily. 

" Only a Mother Can Give What She Does Not Have "

Following the mantra above, Mothers' Day was celebrated in a unique style by making all aware about how to take care of their child's nutrition requirements. Following it was an interesting group quiz game regarding 

Fabulous dinner was served with awesome desserts and we headed home with a special bag of Horlicks goodies. Plus, meeting with blogger friends after one and a half months brought rejuvenation to each others' lives.

P.S. -- Thank you IndiBlogger and Horlicks for such an amazing and fun-filled event.
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