Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Zindagi -- Love me or Love me not!

Dear Zindagi,

You have been very faithful to me, perhaps much more than I have been to you my entire life. You have shown me the paths treading which I today am where I could not have been had I not taken your right advice at the right time. When I was not family-oriented, you gave me friends to share sorrows and joy. When I was fed up of Delhi, you flew me to Bangalore. When I was losing interest in academics at college, you inspired Poetry in me. When I was alone, you made me awesome friends online.

Keeping aside the regular ups and downs which I don't mind, it has been a true roller-coaster ride with both of us sharing the steering wheel at times as and when required. Life is a game, everybody knows, but not all understand it, not many know how to play and very few play it diligently as well as sincerely. Those who do have everything they command and need. The basic aim of life is happiness and you taught me that. Today I keep a balance between my work and personal life because I know there is no positive outcome of indulging in rat race of today's corporate world.

You showed me a way out of that when I was frustrated and allowed me to be calmer and uninterested. Several times I felt out of place, I even lost faith in you, Dear Zindagi, but you were determined to bring me out of hibernation when I was not. You did not lose faith in me and earned my trust when I couldn't trust anybody else. I learned that clouds with silver lining are not a myth, but a reality we chose to ignore. I hope your lessons will continue and I will solve all your exercises and clear the exams with merit.

There were questions, at times, to which I had no answers. The only way to absolution was to surrender myself to you and cleanse my soul with your prerogatives. And I did that; and discovered that you always give another chance to the individual who deserves it. Maybe I deserved too. What we do not understand about life is there is always a way; way to heal and be healed, way to express and exclaim our expressions, feelings and sentiments, and way to beat sorrow and claim joy.

The paths I paved were yours, and they intersected in such an unexpected manner that I met someone who could understand me and who I could understand. Today I am an enriched husband and have an innocent, smiling, beautiful companion living her life with me. What more I could seek from you! Just that you keep showering your love and blessings on us as well as my near and dear ones. You, dear Zindagi, are indeed beautiful, no doubt about that! Have a good life, you too. Be mine! Will keep meeting you, as always, with expected or unexpected twists and turns. Let's play again!

Love me or not... though I will, forever.

Yours truly
VPS 'hitaishi'

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P.S. -- I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.
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