Monday, October 17, 2011

Shooting practice

10m target shooting practice today.... amazing experience.. 50 rounds of firing wid air gun in intervals... at a premier shooting academy in Bangalore!

last round mein.. perfect 10 on 10 twice.. wow! :) :)

each round of 10 fires (max.).... => scores out of 100 (max.)

1st round: 31/100... below par.. but shooting for d first time.. so chalega!
2nd round: 61/100... max score for one full round
3rd round: 55/100
4th round: 53/100
5th round: 59/100
final (bonus) round: 58/70... *wid two perfect 10 on 10 scores*... my highest avg. score for today's shooting!!

total score: 317 out of 570... not bad.. an avg. score of 55.614 out of 100

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