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Book Review: 'Seven Days Withou You' by Anmol Rana

Title: Seven Days Without You

Author: Anmol Rana

Genre: Fiction / Romance

Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Publishing

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About the author:

Anmol Rana, 35, was born in Dehradun, and completed his education from Mussoorie and Dehradun. A PG in science, he is currently working as a scientist in DRDO, and is settled in his hometown with his wife, parents, and two kids. He belongs to an unorthodox Indian middle class family where dreams are only restricted to sleep. He dared and turned his dream into a reality.

Writing was like a hidden treasure he discovered only recently. A scientist by mind and a writer by heart, he loves playing soccer and chess, as well as music and singing.


‘Seven Days Without You’ is a story of two childhood friends that finds its destiny only when they live seven days away from each other. What the joyous life of years together couldn’t unearth, was dug out by the heart breaking realities of seven days that were no less than a new life for him– one where his child hood friend was not with him.

The protagonist, Vishwas is all set for his first job. Enthralled with excitement the small town ‘mummy-papa’ boy leaves for Delhi and would return after seven days. His seven days without Shailja do not happen as he thought they would. His dreams ruined, expectations shattered and fantasies turned into nightmares, he realizes that life isn’t as simple as it looked from the balcony of his room. 

Fun, joy, excitement, sorrow, disgust, embarrassment, deception and then LOVE… Seven days teach him the perfect definition of every sentiment. The battle of emotions and confessions that lasts for seven days transmutes his years old relationship into something else and his heart overflows with the love he thought Shailja would never kindle inside him. 

What happened in those seven days that gouged his love out of friendship?
Will Shailja still be waiting for him after these seven days? 
And will she reciprocate his love...?


It is a love story, no doubt, the title suggests that. But then, it's a very different approach to a typical Indian romance. A tale of love discovered while two friends(!) get separated first time from each other. Vishwas, aka Vishu, and Shailja are best friends, but with opposite views about the other self. Vishwas has always considered Shailja as her foe more and friend less, because of her seemingly irritated activities and actions directed towards him. (Evidently, Shailja's character has been explored by the author only from the point of view of Vishwas, the protagonist.)

For the first time, Vishwas is stepping out of his hometown, Dehradun, to Delhi for his software job. He is relieved that he will be away from her childhood friend Shailja for atleast some time now (as he has to return home on his birthday which falls after seven days). On his way to Delhi in a bus, he comes across Nishika, a modern gal, whom he falls for during the journey. He tries to impress her with his heart, only to get badly disappointed at the end of the journey. But the reader always gets to enjoy the witty monologues throughout. And that's the first time (heartbreak) he gets reminded of Shailja as his friend for the very first time sub-consciously.

The successive days of his stay at Delhi and his joining at office encounter a variety of incidents, some shocking, a few pleasing. He meets his cousin, his college friend Harsha, a southern Indian girl Vaijanthi, his mentor at work - Sanjana ma'm, his boss Bhoslay, among other friends at job. Everybody, in destiny's own style, teaches him a different perception of life, some for better, some for worse. Everyday his day goes under test regarding a different sentiment, but ends constantly with a perplexing thought about Shailja before retiring to bed.

And in those moments of fun, joy, sorrow, pain, fear, disgust, embarrassment, deception (not in this order) experienced over the course of those fateful seven days separated from his only friend teach him the essence of selfless love. The ending is, of course, predictable, but it's the overall approach, content, and writing of this novel which makes it unique among others in its genre.


Simplistic writing, but vivid and wondrous descriptions, flawlessly mixed with a perfect dose of  honest beliefs, lively sentiments, and witty humour all throughout the book

Seven days of different experiences are worth delving into with a couple of lessons to be learnt about the reality of life out of home

Reality (satiric, indirectly) display of selfish face and meaningless life in the metro cities like Delhi in modern times

Neither any overflow of emotions nor any kind of unnecessary masala

Impressive and honest portrayal of a feeling which can never be described fully - LOVE


The printing could have been a bit more darker in order to enjoy the reading in less eye-straining manner

An epilogue at the end of the story would have been the sparkling icing on the delicious cake


I would like to say that I never predicted such a gem of a novel when the author first contacted me for its review. Before reading, I only thought of it as just another romance novel into the ocean of such innumerous ones out there today. But now when I have read and savoured it, I must say that he has done a highly commendable job in this debut work of his.

My Recommendation: A MUST READ for every romantic fiction lover.

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My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

P.S. -- Received a review copy from the author in exchange of an honest review

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