Thursday, July 25, 2013

My ultimate driving experience

My best drive -- from Bangalore to Mangalore through Western Ghats... last year sometime in August, I guess.

Till Hassan, it is more or less a normal drive from Bangalore. But when you have masti friends with you, any drive gets enlivened on the spot. But what was special about this particular one was that we decided to leave early morning while sleeping in the car (the driver was there to drive the vehicle). Our main journey was to travel through the mesmerising Western Ghats enroute... a more than one hour glide of brightest greenery, lashing rains, and awesome nature at its peak, as is evident from the superb and astonishing pics below:

starting of Western Ghats

hint of rain


bright green

lashing rains

strange trees

misty vantage point

heavy downpour mid-way

one of the many gurgling streams visible

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