Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mohit Sharma... proving himself

And there he was again, taking back to back wickets breaking the back of opponents' team in a grilling encounter of the seventh version of Indian Premier League, one of the highest stages of T20 cricket ever. But I wasn't able to watch the match completely, as I had to attend the screening of a play and then a dinner with my cousin. As expected, I missed the batting of Chennai Super Kings but that didn't bother me. My main aim to switch on IPL has always been the bowling of my long time friend Mohit Sharma.

Therefore, I drove 10 kms of traffic snarled streets of Bangalore with maddening but safe tactics of reaching home at time to catch the action live. But I still missed the first two of his three sensational wickets he took that day. I could only watch the third wicket he took, second of that over of his, giving shocks to the visiting party and vibrations of celebrations to the hosts.

And CSK won due to brilliant efforts of McCullum and Jadeja as well as Mohit himself. But the saviour for me again had to be star sports website where I had to tune in to Action Recap tab, to rewind the match and Mohit's wickets for me. I watched the action not once, not twice but thrice. It was such an enormous action on display and the highlights on the flip of your keyboard and mouse is so inviting to start it over any number of times we want. Have to see what technology has gifted you for entertainment.

I texted Mohit after the match congratulating him for his success (possible to sms him now as they all are back in India for the second leg of the IPL, hoping to meet him soon enough). Till then, Great Bowling, Mohit! ;)

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