Saturday, May 3, 2014

Star Sports rocks

Continuing from my previous post, I had missed one important proceeding of the day, that of Mohit gaining the purple cap, awarded to the current highest wicket taker of the season. An emotionally satisfying moment of his career nevertheless.

But I missed it in the highlights on star sports while watching Action Recap on their website. Got to know of it today morning in the Facebook news when his younger brother posted Mohit's pic from IPL page, him donning the purple cap in style. Following that moment of greatness, I was so pumped up that I called him to get the passes for his next match to one of my relatives residing in the corresponding city. Crazy, huh! And I also will make sure to catch the action of that match on tv or my pc, just to see him distinctly visible on the field with his purple cap.

Coming back to earlier note, as soon as I got to know about this feat accorded to him, I checked out the Infografix section on, and there I got the stats revealing him to be the highest wicket-taker currently. A large smile spread on my face and I couldn't wait to post that pic (shared by his bro) on the FB fan page of Mohit which he and I jointly manage. And it has been received with great applause and congratulatory messages by his fans on the page. Hope to see the success continuing like this for the rest of the season 2. And I can't just wait for the moment when I will meet him again after one whole year and get the passes for his last league match, against Royal Challengers Bangalore at Chinnaswamy stadium here.

Till then, Kanna keep calm and watch IPL, for nothing is more exciting at present than cricket.

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