Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Shopping Fiesta #ShopQuikr

When BlogAdda announced this contest in association with Quikr, I was a little skeptical about applying for it. I wasn't sure that even if I get selected, would I really want to go through time and energy consuming barter process facilitated by one of India's leading sites meant for the purpose. Still I applied for the contest though quite unconvincingly and wasn't really looking forward or much excited to get selected or to buy as per T&Cs of the contest.

As for the festive season last week, I was visiting my hometown when I got a mail from BlogAdda that I had gotten selected for Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta. I don't why but I was exhilarated at first. And then I thought and thought deciding whether I should go for it and grab the opportunity presented or just let it go. Again I decided in favour of my eternal adventure spirit and downloaded the Quikr app a day before Diwali. The app was ready to use on my smartphone in few minutes. I logged in and started browsing through random ads at first in order to get an idea which all things are available at the Quikr platform.

The various filters to select from various categories ranging from Mobiles & Accessories to Electronics & Appliances, to Cars & Bikes, to Home & Lifestyle, and so on. This instantly delighted me as I could then choose the options in accordance with my needs and the Rs.5000 budget limit sanctioned to me. Outweighing most of the options I was left with Mobiles-Accessories-Tablets. Selecting that and sorting the price from low to high (within Rs.10,000 range), I started sifting through the ads but nothing could interest me much.

Next morning on the D-day (I mean, Diwali day :D ), I spent 3-4 hours at a stretch with my new crush, i.e., #ShopQuikr [:P]. I already own a Micromax Canvas HD whose earphones got damaged accidentally. So looking for the same, I found one person selling it for Rs.400. I connected with him on WhatsApp and let him knew about my interest in his offer via Quikr ad and we settled on Rs.200. The 4% of my mandatory allotted budget got utilized then and there, but it was still a mystery what I would be shopping using the remainder of the big chunk of money still left. I was disheartened a bit as I couldn't think of anything which I could purchase depending on my requirements and lifestyle and voila, once again the thought creeped up in my mind to let go of the contest, phew! :-/

Then during twilight, I encountered a Mentos moment which lit up my Dimag ki batti in sync with the Diwali diyas being alighted by my family members. I wondered why not purchase a second-hand tablet and gift it to my parents (they reside in Faridabad) who would be left all alone by themselves again as usual as I would leave for Bangalore after Diwali weekend and my younger brother to his college and hostel life. And the idea that struck was the Tablet bought through this fiesta could be then used by my progenitors for video calling via Skype on Airtel 3G internet connection, and it would be a great upgrade to our mutual voice calling conversations in effect at present.

And it was then I apprehended the grander practical application of Quikr service which wowed me as I opened my brother's laptop (and not the app on my phone, for quick and expanded search) and started looking for android tablets as can be seen here -->

Initially, the ads regarding Micromax Funbook tablets (several variants) interested me a little. I even messaged several of the sellers who had put up their ads, asking them if it's still available, but most of the items were already sold out. I only preferred this brand because of its super-awesome smartphone range, one HD model of which I am personally using since last 10 months with almost nil regrets. But I had no idea about other branded tablets, hence I took to for comparison and Flipkart user reviews to familiarize myself with this section of the modern technology. After acquainting myself, I realized that Micromax tablets are not for me and I switched to Quikr again to find relevant ads, out of which 3-4 posts caught my undivided attention and got positive responses from the sellers too via Whatsapp and phone calls. After requesting the individual sellers for the model numbers of their to-be-sold items and technical specs and online comparisons and reviews, I shortlisted a few and bargained with them for the price.

The best price I could get close to my budget limit was the ad for Asus Fonepad 8GB+WiFi+3G being sold for Rs.6000. After an intensive and exhaustive Quikr search, I also found that same person has put up the ad for same model one month ago for sale at Rs.7,500. I guess the price was lowered due to not-so-positive response, maybe. I found my opportunity and contacted him. The seller told me that he had purchased it last year for Rs.14,500/- approx (bill attached in the pic below) and he needed the money urgent to pay his EMI in bulk for the latest tablet he has purchased just a couple of months back. After coming back to Bangalore after Diwali weekend, we set up a rendezvous meet and I with my cousin went to take a look at the tablet which was to become mine in a day, all thanks to BlogAdda and Quikr ;)

Meanwhile, I had already established the supremacy of Asus Fonepad online and when I met Mr. Rushikesh, the seller, he also gave me a go-through demo of the product on the spot. He also notified me of the one and only probable drawback that the tablet might need unnecessary service repair for reboot if its battery was allowed to drain completely carelessly and the tablet would then enter auto switch-off mode permanently as the same happened to his friend once who also owns another variant of the same model. Thereafter, we finalized the deal for Rs.5,500 ultimately.

Since the guy had to backup his data and pictures etc., he asked for one more day to deliver it to me with factory reset. Next day evening, I met him again and exchanged his tablet with my cash.

My experience with the tablet has been pretty awesome for last two days since it came into my hand. At this price, it's nothing less than a wondrous surprise to my friends and colleagues whom I told about the deal. And even I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that the tablet was accompanied with a screen guard as well as relatively new case cover.

Here's the tablet resting on my bed while I capture its pristine beauty on my digicam for this blogpost [:P]

Hopefully, my parents will also love to learn the use of this technology and the best of all, since I am getting married within next 3 months, this tablet will be a boon for the us as a couple, as my wife would then be able to video chat with me using this beautiful piece called Asus Fonepad whenever she would be away from me, either at her in-laws' place or my in-laws place in the initial months of our marriage.

It has been an unexpectedly wonderful journey for me to shop via Quikr for the Free Shopping Fiesta. I totally loved the experience and the great outcome... Achhe din aa gaye! ;)

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