Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fun with Nursery rhymes

One of the best part of our childhood are the rhymes we learn while in Kinder Garten classes. Kids Hut has come up with beautiful, simple and exciting kid special videos of all these rhymes and much more for today's kids to help them visualize these inseparable part of one's childhood and have fun, in other words - watch and learn the fun way.

One of my favourite videos is - Twinkle twinkle little star. I still remember how I used to cram it up and then sing it forever whenever mood happened. Such a beautiful rhyme which when still heard makes us wanna go child again and wonder again what that twinkling shiny star is, up in the sky. The video illustration below is superb and I bet children will love it and wanna watch it repeatedly. Even my neighbours have to play this rhyme whenever they are feeding their kid because without hearing it, he doesn't even get ready to eat anything.

Another video which I got to remember only while browsing through a plethora of interesting rhymes at Kids Hut youtube channel can be seen below. Learning to count / remembering numbers was a huge task when we used to be in Nursery/KG in school and this rhyme even made it harder, that because numbers mentioned in it are easy and the phrases attached to them are so difficult for any child. But still I used to like this rhyme and I was one of the rare ones to do so. I liked how the numbers used to rhyme with the sentences and that made it interesting for me, and maybe, just maybe this could be one of the founding reasons of me becoming a poet now. Ha ha!

So people, do watch more of these videos on the youtube channel of Kids Hut by T-series and make the learning a fun session for your kids. Cheer them up!

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