Thursday, April 16, 2015

Share load, share life

I have always advocated on the shared family-responsibilities between life partners, if they wish to maintain love in their sacred relation. There are many aspects to that. Traditionally, male has been taking the outdoor responsibilities head-on, while the female has been tackling indoor activities determinedly, pertaining to household chores. But the fast changing modern life has diminished the boundaries where activities like monthly ration, cooking, earning, washing are no longer restricted to any particular gender. I have always been washing my own laundry since I started college rather than giving it to the hostel washerman. It's a neutral activity for me - neither like nor dislike.

But the twist in the tale comes always once one gets married. And that's because the husband subconsciously shifts his indoor activities like cooking and washing to his wife, generally speaking. But that's where the two of us have no qualms about who will doing what. We have formed the basis of our marriage on sharing. 

Sharing the load 
by partners both 
dissolves differences 
doubles the happiness 

... is the mantra we have adopted in our married life. So when BlogAdda came up with #WashBucketChallenge, we decided to participate and #ShareTheLoad on a bigger platform. And here comes the proof... 

My experience with Ariel says that after washing, the clothes look bright and new and stain-free, in lesser amount of washing powder than other detergents; and the aroma is really nice.

The secret to easy laundry: 

The key is getting into (and sticking to) a routine. That way you’ll always have something clean to wear, and you can get your laundry chores out of the way before spending time on the things that matter, like meeting up with friends, going to the movies or spending time with your family.

You’ll find plenty of advice on Ariel site to help you find your way around your laundry. To help you get started, try these useful links:

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Deciphering those confusing laundry symbols.
Help with removing stains.
How to make ironing easier.

Further, there are Laundry tips and Stain Removal tips available on Ariel website; here's the link -->

Happy Shared Laundry!

P.S. -- 'This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity is association with Ariel India'

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