Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look up... to Life

This is a story when I was studying in the prefinal year of my engineering, away from home residing at college hostel. I have always been a bright student and got the scholarships for my study in school as well as in early 2 years of my B.Tech. But as it goes, nothing remains forever. I too was struck by fate's hammer which took a beating to my confidence. As it happened, I gradually started losing interest in academics after realizing the vagueness of our country's engineering syllabus towards making ourselves innovative engineers and among the best of the lot . My dream project in college, for college, was mocked at our annual tech fest that it couldn't be done by us and we had had outside help. Plus, due to nepotism nexus I lost my candidature for being the Campus Ambassador for a leading MNC pioneer in its field.

All of this happened within a few weeks of each other and in process, had taken a heavy toll on my mind. When my parents came to know of my situation, they called me home. HOME, a place where within a few days I forgot the outside life for better. Home, which gave me a sense of security as I had never felt. Home, in the care of my parents brought my back to my senses. My room in the college hostel had been my house for last 2.5 years but I was never as alive there as I was here with those walls who became my friends over the years, as playful as I was in our mini garden eating pomegranates from the tree I watered every evening.

Just a few days at home with my loved ones, I regained my willingness to move forward, to let go of the lost opportunities in the past, to get excited by what the future has to offer. I was ready to LOOK UP again and a whole lot more optimistic about my life. I realized how the negatives can impact oneself but it's always possible to overcome its effects and embark on a new beginning. Today, it has been almost a decade since then and I still apply the foremost lesson I learnt that your home is your best friend and your guardians and loved ones are your best solace in this whole world. 

Presently, I live in a city 2,500 km away from my hometown due to work responsibilities but I don't forget to take a good trip to my home on every festival and occasion, to be happy, to feel content seeing their happiness upon seeing me, to eat the best food of the world as I spend a couple of weeks there, to love and be loved. 
That's what life is... HOME
That's what home is.. LIFE!

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