Monday, March 16, 2015

Together we laughed again

During my final year of engineering, I worked as the organizer for some of the ECE core events to be held at our annual tech fest Literati'09. Since it's always an uphill task for the organizer to declare results based on the performance of the participants in such events, I also hurt some beautiful minds who did really very good but a difference of 19-20 mattered and I had to place them second. One of the members of that team was my junior and a good friend of mine. This shook him and it hurt me as well to seem him lost the prestigious first position. After a few months I graduated, came to job, and lost a bit of touch with him.

And one day, an update on Facebook from him informed me that he was visiting Bengaluru where I have been residing for last 3 years for work. I messaged him my desire to have a small reunion after so long and fixed the time. On the D-day I called him to my residence and treated him with a warm hug and care. Well, how could a reunion of 2 college mates be gonna without booze! We made a plan and hopped on my bike to the city's famous street for pubs, the Brigade Road.

And man, we really rocked the conversation that day. Slightly drunk with a pitcher of beer, I offered him my sentimental apology for the day I became the unintentional reason to cause him a big upset during the tech fest. We had a slight sad moment, but very brief, and then he maturely stated that all was past and long gone. Fighting over the last mug to be filled from the pitcher, we shared a laugh and beer as well. After coming back to my residence, I cooked him my special recipe in the form of sumptuous Maggi meal and shared some beautiful time walking down the corridors of memory lane in the past and about our current lives, about our love lives, as well as future plans and much more.

And in those moments of sharing and laughter and happiness, we strengthened the special bond of friendship which had slightly gone loose earlier. From the risen difference in college to a happy togetherness at my home, I felt relieved of any guilt, which had never left my psyche since that fateful day. The evening mattered as it was the destiny's way to get both of us back on track briefly again, to realize the values of life and to nurture the dreams of each other. As it is well said - Most times, it's the company that matters more than the advice, and that is the power of being #together!

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