Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting a new life

As indicated in my previous blog post, after recovering from unexpected setbacks I finished my engineering and landed a reputed government job, BUT away from home. Leaving my family behind and travelling 2500 km away from them, only with a possibility that I would be able to visit my hometown just twice a year was a big decision but the need of the hour.

My family and my home has always been my comfort zone where I felt secure and safe. Hence, coming to Bangalore and settling down alone wasn't so easy but an essential step of my life. But in a way, it was also a blessing in disguise for me as I discovered within a few years. Even though college life was also away from home, but the home wasn't very far away and I didn't have any financial freedom. Here at job, first of all I discovered what financial security is and how can I rejuvenate my life by balancing my expenditures in two parts - necessary for living , and necessary for LIFE.

There's a great difference between the two. One includes the basic components essential for living - food, clothing, and HOME. The second component of my expenditure list comprised of the things which make me happy and provide a satisfaction of Being Alive. Almost everyone dreams of doing this, doing that after getting a job, but only a few even consider this seriously after the initial year of financial ownership.

For me, it meant to live the life so that I don't feel a ting of zero satisfaction in life after 50 years or in my old age, or on my deathbed. So, first of all, I started giving shape to my poetry skills which started just as a means to my thoughts while in college. But here at my new home in Bangalore, I had the isolation, I had the environment and I had the thoughts which when scripted down on paper imploded with beautiful poems. Although once this aspect started working well for me, i.e., I got published in several books, magazines both online and offline, I still felt a little unfulfilled.

So, I purchased a bicycle, oh yeah, a bicycle, costing me approx. 45,000 bucks (don't get intimidated with the figure but, yeah, cycling has been my lifelong passion - to feel that breeze when you cycle along cross-country roads sweating and forgetting everything, just the journey and not the destination). 

That's when, I found my mantra - enjoy the ride, the journey; the destination will itself be achieved. 

And here I am - still aspiring to be a Randonneur, an emerging poet and author, and many other aspects have helped me in starting a totally new life unbeknownst to me earlier.

As I living as bachelor till last year, I was free to do all such things. And now, as I got married last month, I have shifted to family quarters - awaiting for the start of a totally new life all over again. And this time it's gonna start from Home :)

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