Monday, October 21, 2013

Delhi: I suggest

Voicing issues doesn’t solve them! 

There is a plan to be made. There is a process that needs to be followed. There is an action that needs to be taken.

Everybody is so willing and ready to criticize or complain about everything. On the other hand, there are very few people who want to actually take a problem in their hands and try to solve it. We are not suggesting you take it in your hand and solve it, but only saying that along with the issues, you need to voice your valuable solutions as well. There are enough who talk about the issues and stop, we encourage you to think of solutions too!

I've seen the problems around me and discussed the issues in my Delhi Manifesto that I think need to be addressed and improved at the earliest. Pondering over those issues, I am hereby trying to provide the respective solutions for the same.

1. Transparency in Governance can be brought out by reducing red-tapism in bureaucracy, and by instilling a sense of real public service in the minds of public servants.

2. It's high time that the heavily demanded JanLokPal bill be passed in the capital Vidhan Sabha (as well as the Indian Parliament). This will ensure minimization of corruption and crime in politics.

3. One of the most concerning agenda of my manifesto is to make our Delhi totally safe for women, where one could roam free of fear any time of the day. First and foremost, Moral education in academic institutions as well as in residential societies and slum areas needs to be propagated for public to accept females as an equal and independent entity. Secondly, police attitude towards even minor eve-teasing cases needs to be bettered. System should support the reporting of policemen/women's misconduct while dealing in such cases. It is high time every individual learns to respect oneself and the other gender equally.

4. Electricity should be regularized by bringing public and private partnership, so as to ensure the control of power generation in State hands, while maintenance and distribution to be governed by private sector. This will bring in harmonizing the power shortage of the capital city equally for residential and industrial purposes.

5. Even when it ain't the raining season, most of Delhi roads can be found littered with garbage, or full of potholes. Now this is a question of public conscience as well as govt. responsibility. One needs to properly put his/her litter in the garbage bins (number should be increased). People should keep any waste product with them after usage and properly dump them only when they come across dustbins. Govt., on the other hand, has to make sure of the better construction using A-quality road materials, and periodical repairing of the same, so as to avoid the inconvenience of potholes even in the autumn.

6. Traffic sense - how many of us have really got it? The main cause of accidents are either we ourselves when we are not following traffic rules, or the others doing the same. Public awareness through regular programmes need to be build up, thus inculcating traffic sense into them, and it is the need of the hour. The govt. has to make aam janta understand that driving comes with responsibility, not just fun.

7. Beggars on the streets (mostly at traffic signals) of our capital city have always been a source of nuisance for everyone. Beggar management schemes need to be channeled out so as to provide them with proper living and work to sustain themselves.

8. Delhi Metro has put itself up as the best managed transportation system. But the rest of Road transportation still needs a huge infrastructural boost. It is good, but it can be much better. The input suggestions of public could play a very important role in improving the same.

9. Crime will automatically be challenged if education is made compulsory to all. People from other states pouring into the city should be monitored and provided basic support to start up their livelihood so that they don't turn to crime to meet their ends.

These are just a few of my suggestions towards my Delhi Manifesto presented earlier in a blogpost. There is so much to do and can be done if we just maintain a positive attitude towards our own responsibilities and duties, in addition to the government's.

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