Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I wish She had Smart Suraksha with her

As soon as I heard about this contest from BlogAdda, the first image in my mind was of the Damini case last Dec. in Delhi. The girl was brutally tortured, raped, and left to die. But the first thing her captors did was to throw off her mobile phone, so that she won't be able to contact or alert any of her contacts about the pre-assumed danger she was going to fall in. How I wish that time she would have a suitable mobile phone app which at a touch of single button could send a SOS message to her contacts! She could have been saved the cruel ordeal...

Trouble doesn’t announce its arrival! Anyone can be attacked by anything like adverse situations or the wrong people at anytime, even in broad daylight. If a girl is cornered in a deserted area, her screams for help may go unnoticed. The Smart Suraksha App is an Android Application that aims at making the women feel safe. This App, at the press of a single button, sends your message of help to five pre-chosen contacts from your contact list. An additional feature of this app is that along with your message for help, it also sends across your location even if the GPS on your cellphone is switched off. Thus, the women can be reassured that there is help available at all times.

We hear disheartening incidents almost on a daily basis. In such times, it is important that we have applications like these so that everyone gets aware of the safety of their loved ones. It is our duty as fellow citizens to try and help instead of letting the scenario get worse. 

Therefore, I appeal to all my female friends to get more know-how of this app, and my male friends to ask their female acquaintances making them aware about the same. I sincerely hope that my post will be of immense help to all the womenfolk because if they are ever caught in a similar situation, they will sure be in a better position to handle it.

P.S. -- I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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