Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smelly to Smiley home

Monsoon is coming, or rather have already come in my part of the country. Who doesn't like rains and the constant splashing of water outside. But the season is also known for a major point of dislike. Constant rains result in the dampening environment inside house also and it leads to a persistent nagging odour 24 hours. It starts with the verandah or balcony first because these parts of house are in closer touch with the moisture due to rains outside, so the odour settles in here first. And it really sucks when your nose starts clenching itself once the odour percolates to your bedroom also. Most of it is smelt either in the toilet or the bathroom of the house.

Bangalore is a constant hub of rains throughout the year, but monsoon makes it really difficult because this is that odour period for our nostrils. Forget about the guests, it really stifles for the family members. The only solution that comes to mind when someone is visiting during this period is to get a room freshener and half-empty it spraying everywhere in the house. But, as everyone knows, it doesn't do much positive in this regard. Of course your room would start smelling flowery but still your nostrils will catch that nagging damp odour, thus making the room freshener only half successful as it just covers the odour, it doesn't remove it per se.

But now AmbiPur claims to convert our home from Smelly to Smiley

Fragrances have mood altering properties and reflect specific memories. Ambi Pur Air Effects Blossoms and Breeze Aerosol Air Freshener, does not just mask malodours but eradicates them completely. It replaces the odour with a natural fresh fragrance and transforms your home into a fragrant haven! A great value for money spray that has a mild non-obtrusive mist appealing to both, men and women can create refreshing memories. It takes you to a time when you can just throw your windows open to the fresh and uplifting fragrance of budding blossoms and green fields. Spritz the fragrance in your home and let it work its magic.

Key Features:

This handheld air freshener, has unique odour fighting ingredients & an innovative environment friendly, non-flammable, water based nitrogen propellant system, which helps the fragrance last long. It dispenses the fragrance in a natural mist form and refreshes the environment by genuinely eliminating trapped odours.

Blossoms & Breeze: The fragrance for personalities that radiate gentleness and approachability. It mystifies your home into your garden of Eden giving cool and positive energy.

(Other available Fragrances - Sweet Citrus & Zest, Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Spring & Renewal, New Zealand Springs, Thai Dragon Fruit and Hawaiian Flowers).

P.S. -- I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur
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