Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sock Smelly to Smiley Air

As per Nielsen Survey 2013, 80% married women believe, on the days the house smells good, the husband spends more time with family. But what one doesn't understand is one of the most common sources of odour in houses is the unclean socks.

Socks even after one day of use (full day cramped inside shoes) produce putrefying smell due to organic matter decay the whole day, which produces pungent smell when you again use them the next day and remove them in the evening. What I have been doing to avoid everyday washing of socks, me being lazy enough, is to take the socks inside out and keep them in the show with hollow mouth inside and closed mouth outside.

This has resulted in keeping the socks relatively fresh for 1-2 days but not odour-free. 

I mean, if one has a strong sense of smell, he/she wouldn't be able to tolerate the same. So, there was an urgent need of a newer solution, unlike spraying deodorants on socks. (That really leads to more smelly problems. Don't believe me, try yourself :D )

My New Solution:

A soothing fragrance can rejuvenate the senses and charm your feelings. Ambi Pur Set & Refresh Starter kit - Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, which is no ordinary air freshener (Ambi Pur Base Aerosol), is a continuous non-energized (CNE) placement product designed to continuously eliminate odours and always maintain freshness. Highly effective in small enclosed spaces, it does not just mask malodours but eradicates them completely. It replaces the odour with a natural fresh fragrance and transforms your home into a fragrant haven for up-to 50 days! A great value for money air freshener that mystifies your home into a floral, herbaceous and fresh aroma with soft comforting back notes. Complete your home with refreshing aromas and relax the senses.

Key Features:

The microporous fibres allow for sustained and effective release of the fragrant oil. The oils themselves have been chosen specifically on the basis of their character and evaporation potential. There is also an intensity regulation system integrated into the product that allows you to have complete control over the release of the fragrance. Sit back and breathe in the invigorating fragrances.

Lavender Vanilla & Comfort: A fragrance for a person who has a calm persona and affects people in a positive way. The therapeutic aromas of Lavender and Vanilla let your senses relax.

Also try our varied range of fragrances in Ambi Pur Set & Refresh and keep your home fragrant. (Fragrances - Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal, Blossoms & Breeze)

P.S. -- I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur
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