Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet v/s Crash Diet

Dabur Honey has recently organised a meet in Bangalore explaining the disadvantages of Crash Diets and the benefits of Honey Diet.

Google defines Crash Diet as a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. In other words as explained by Ms. Pooja Makhija, the elite nutritionist for celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, etc., in order to lose their weight in a very short period, people tend to undertake a restrictive meal plan which comprises of minimum amount of calories needed to sustain the human body. But there are several disadvantages of this -

First of all, during a crash diet, the body doesn't just burn off fat but it starts burning muscle tissue as well. That's like, half of the body fat is burnt while the rest half comprises of muscles which is never going to be good for the body.

Secondly, serious nutritional deficiency might start getting build up in the body which will affect the proper functioning of all organs inside. 

Thirdly, body metabolism is severely affected, resulting in slower burning of calories (which body is already getting in lesser amounts, thanks to crash diet). This hampers basic body functions like digestion and even walking, sitting and sleeping. That means body would be doing lesser and lesser activities and it would be feeling energy-deprived throughout this phase.

Fourthly, there is no guarantee or solid research that post-crashdiet, you will not gain weight or your metabolism won't get all wonky, or your hormonal senstivity (like insulin production) will remain normal.

Bottom line: Crash diets might be a quick fix, but they can also be awful, dangerous, and come with lasting negative health effects.

Now, coming to Honey Diet -

1. Honey has been described in the ancient Indian medicinal text, Ayurveda as the complete food.

2. Taking a spoonful of honey with warm water within the first hour of waking up in the morning prepares the body for the day throughout. That means, one can do any type of exercise and yoga and cut down on weight without taking up crash diet.

3. Benefits of honey: it gives you instant energy the natural way. It can't be consumed in large quantities thus restricting too much of calorie intake, and just the right amount. It's a natural and neural alternative to sugar, thus encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

4. Honey has various medicinal and therapeutic

About Dabur Honey

As informed by the Brand Manager of Dabur Honey, Mr. Shashank Sharma, their honey is procured from different farms who source it from the finest locations in Himalayas and the forests of Sunderbans. It then goes through strict quality checks before being processed using the most advanced technology available (he mentioned that they got a machine worth Rs. 4 crores for quality tests around 10 years back). The entire process happens in the most hygienic environment with no human contact with the product or the bottles. This ensures that Honey retains its natural properties and pure honey comes to the customer with the promise of good health and fitness.

Raising the question of purity, when Mr. Shashank was asked about the crystallization of honey in winters giving an indication that honey might not be 100% pure, he said that the property of natural honey is that it crystallizes but they still take care of glucose to fructose ratio (keeping it 1.4:1, I guess) so that it doesn't crystallize much even at lower temperatures. He also added that no sugar syrup is added to Dabur Honey.

P.S. -- Do visit for various Honey based healthy cooking recepies by chef Vikas Khanna.
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