Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ready for Rewards: It's ME

Now that I have already analysed a RewardMe article in the previous post on one of my favourite hot topics, i.e., Work-Life Balance, I would like to provide my own insights now into the topic.

First of all, there is an absolute necessity to understand why work-life balance is required in life. Well, if you still can't guess then you are in the grave need of this. Work-life balance helps you to maintain neutrality in life and not get swept by immediate changes either at work or at home. It's true that home is LIFE, you live for your home which comprises of your dearest and loved ones, to feed them, to educate them, to secure their future; and in order to do all of this, we need to WORK so as to earn enough that we are able to afford life's basic necessities listed in the previous sentence.

One needs to understand if one keeps busy only in one aspect of this 2-sided coin, i.e., either work or life, then there will be an absolute mayhem inside your mind as well as in outside life. If you don't take work seriously, then life will be driven to the mercy of luck which is never good. Similarly, if you don't LIVE your life, then there won't be any family harmony or creative satisfaction in life outside of work.

1. Come home on time. Don't work late on daily basis. It's okay sometimes due to demanding nature of job in today's corporate culture, but only you are at fault if you make a habit of staying late daily in office.

Read this article by the Infosys great NR Narayana Murthy -->

Moral Of The Story in the article:
* Very Clear, LEAVE ON TIME!!!
* Never Put In Extra Time *Unless Really Needed*
* Don't Stay Back Un-Necessarily And Spoil Your Company Work Culture, Which Will In Turn Cause Inconvenience To You And Your Colleagues. 

There Are Hundred Other Things To Do In The Evening... 
Learn Music... 
Learn A Foreign Language... 
Try A Sport... TT, Cricket..... .... 
Importantly Get A Girl Friend Or Gal Friend, Take Him/Her Around Town... 

* And For Heaven's Sake Net Cafe Rates Have Dropped To An All-Time Low
(Plus, No Fire-Walls) And Try Cooking For A Change.

It's a typical Indian mentality that working for long hours means they are very hard-working and 100% committed to the company, whereas the fact is the people who regularly sit late in the office don't know how to manage their time.

2. Give evening time to spouse and kids. Help your wife by doing simple things at home, like cutting salad if not cooking, arranging laundered clothes, teach your kids lessons from studies, etc. 

3. Give time to yourself. Read a book. Listen to music. Go outdoors alone or with family. Unwind your mind to do what you want or what you have always wanted to do. Pursue a hobby. Play sports. Learn a musical instrument, etc. etc.

Read more at -->

Life's Calling, Where Are You!

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