Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Max Fresh Mov(i)e

A moment is all we are searching for, a moment in love with yourself. A moment of freshness is all we need to jump into a pool of things that otherwise just take a back seat. A road trip, a jam session or a song that is close to our heart, such pop ups have surprising and healing effect on us considering the amount of madness that we all go through in our everyday lives. It's particularly right to say that variety is the spice of life. Let's take a step ahead and also say that freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. It is the one factor that keeps us going, which is why everyone looks for freshness in everything from our food to our relationships and jobs.

It is time for a Taazgi Ka Dhamaka with music.

I recommend everyone to watch the following video, where you are gonna get a shot of freshness watching Anushka's swaggy music punches and Allu Arjun's exuberant dancing steps.

Do you know there is even an Allu Arjun Dance Club for all those who admire and get mesmerized by his dancing skills. I must admit after watching this mad, crazy video of freshness, I got to say that I loved the break dance moves of the dancing superstar Allu Arjun. The ease and swiftness with which he carries out his moves when he is break-dancing inspires me to get out of my chair and start copying his steps as I feel the same emotion watching the video as he shows in his dancing here. I will be adding some of the screenshots of those breathtaking moves here. These spunky dance movies which come towards the end of the video could be used anywhere to freshen up the moment, like during a break in the middle of a boring office meeting, on dj at an informal party/occasion, etc.

Even I tried copying his neck moving steps from movie Happy where he makes fun of Genelia in some of the scenes in the feature film. I have loved his dance since then. And in the video posted above, he dances on the groovy music from none other VJ and the Viva pop girl Anushka Manchanda. Music is passion for a lot of us. It is an age-old adage that music showers universal love. The blend of rhythmic sounds and lyrics that is available in huge diversity works like magic on our senses. So is music your window to freshness? I just need to submerge myself in the rhythm divine and it brings me back to the state of liveliness after a dull, tiring day. 

I remember watching another sensational video in which Allu Arjun danced to Michael Jackson songs at Nayak audio release. He is really a performer in dancing sense. The energy he oozes out while dancing is incomparable to any other Bollywood or Tollywood or any other film industry actor. I have decided to take dancing classes in the evening from next month onwards as soon as my current swimming classes get over.

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