Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ready for Rewards

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I came across a very good article on RewardMe website related to work-life balance. This topic has been one of the most practical things for me since I started working approx. 5 years ago in a metropolitan city. And it has been so difficult to manage my work and personal life. Personal life could be a delusion for some after having worked for more than a year in today's corporate world. The term implies to make out time for yourself and others who are important in your life, to take time out to play sports, enjoy live music, take a trip outdoors. It just not only includes watching movies on weekends, having a beer once in a while with friends. Personal life is too subtle; it goes way above than only including these things in your non-office time. Life is when you not just watch life go in front of your eyes but ENJOY life, have proper rejuvenation so that to calm mind and body from stress inherited from day-to-day job.

Here is  the article on RewardMe -->

The blurb of the article is:

      When was the last time you took your wife on a date? Took the kids on a trip? Or had time to read a book? If you’re always busy at work, it’s time you managed your time effectively.

And the first point it discusses is --> At work, it talks about how to prioritize our job according to our own most productive hours of the day; how to schedule creative work with least distractions for better work flow; and how to keep off social media and personal calls during those hours.

The second aspect of the coin discusses --> At home, how to cut-off  time for office calls and emails; how to freshen up and give sufficient time to spouse, kids and other family members; to routinely eat together for family bonding and sharing the day; doing things at home together for others' emotional and social well-being; and most importantly, to take out time for yourself - to indulge oneself in a hobby like playing Badminton, or gardening, etc. to satisfy one's inner creative needs.

The article does a well-enough job to chalk out the important points and not getting into too much detail, just have a good time management.

Gist of the article is --> Manage your Time well and Keep your Sanity

RewardMe serves its usefulness via its product reviews. One can find n no. of product reviews here ranging in various categories, thus helping one make proper decision for his shopping needs.

P.S. -- I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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