Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cricket mania aka IPL

The one date that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! It is the day when the Pepsi IPL 2014 begins! 8 teams consisting of the best players around the world with more than a billion fans battling it out in matches to win the Pepsi IPL Champions Trophy!

On a lazy Sunday morning, walk through the lanes of any housing complex in India and what do you see? Young kids playing cricket, or is it better to say Breathing Cricket! Your colleague suddenly calls in sick at work! You are worried for him, only until you realize Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings ka match hai! The thought is then about how you didn’t think of it! This is the time when everywhere you go, you’re most likely to hear ‘Meri Delhi‘, ‘Tera Rajasthan‘ and so on! Friends become friendly foes and innumerable Pepsi & samosa bets are placed!

The T20 keeps you at the edge of the seat throughout the game! Until the last ball is bowled, you aren’t sure who is going to win the game! Saying that every match has a nail-biting finish would be an understatement when it comes to the Pepsi IPL! The last over sees everybody physically viewing the screen but they’re actually busy honestly praying for their supported team to win. The yells & screams that you hear from each house or restaurant at the end of a match are probably louder than the players on the stadium shout themselves!

Issued in Public Interest: Do not go and stand between the TV and your friend unless you want to get into a serious brawl!

Games of such intensity! How? Just how can you afford to not be in touch with it constantly? You need an update after each ball to know where your team stands. You are in office physically but your mind is at the stadium. When you are in the bus, you can’t wait enough to get home and see what stage the game has reached! Cricket on the go, is what has for you!

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