Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The man who made a difference to my life

It's not always necessary that you drive inspiration from a real person only. Sometimes he can be a virtual or imaginative character from some book or movie or tv show. Here I am going to mention one such character who has inspired me to stand by the truth whatever the adversities be. And that's Shaktiman, yes... the tv show in late 90s in which the superhero character was portrayed by Mukesh Khanna.

The superhero show was all about light v/s darkness, good v/s evil, truth v/s cheating. Shaktiman faces all kinds of evils thrown at him from the disciples of Lord of darkness, Tamraj Qilvish. But everytime, using his rock strong self confidence, he fights and emerges out winner on the side of light. And all of this was shown in such a convincing manner in the show that it must have inspired several children watching it that time thus moulding them to be a man of inner steel in their lives.

And the segment Shareek Ek Mandir, later renamed as Chhoti Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein was cherry on the top, as it tended to directly teach children to inculcate good values in their everyday lives so as to be a responsible person and citizen of the country.

So today I take this chance to pay my tribute to him also (and the man behind the character, i.e., Mukesh Khanna of Bheeshma International productions) whom I can rely on and idolize him for his passion for winning or doing the right thing with integrity or something as trivial as helping someone in need, even if it means going out of his way to help a stranger.
Those indirect teachings in childhood go a long way in shaping an individual's personality, and helps him/her to overcome the difficulties of life because what matters at last how happy you are from inside, how much satisfied and at peace your soul is. 

Take a bow, Shaktiman! 

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