Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dhoom dhadaka cricket wala

Oh yes! We are a cricket crazy nation. This game is no less than a religion in our country. It enjoys the same status as Bollywood rules over us, perhaps more.

Pepsi IPL-7 has already begun. And due to India in election mode at present, the IPL 2014 is being played out of the country second time in its history, this time in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since 99.9% citizens of India can't and won't travel to a foreign destination to catch the cricketing action of world's best T20 series live, it has to make do watching the first phase of the matches on their tv sets.

In addition to the point made in my last post about what I've done to make sure that I don't get to miss any shot of the crazy 3 hours, I have purchased a 3G sim so as to catch live tv action on my android smartphone. This way I can keep track of every shot, every boundary, every wicket, every action on the field onto my memory card.

Second option for me not to lose any clipping is to log on to and click on Zip Clips section which contains the quick videos that capture key match points in real time. This is one of the many breakthrough features initiated by Star Sports recently. This way we can watch and rewatch a shot which we may like to be just very cool.

And guys, did you watch day before yesterday's match of Chennai v/s Mohali. How Yuvi got the better of every bowler except Zaheer Khan, coz Zak had drank water from Kent RO purifier bcoz Kent deta hai suraksha UV se :P :P

Jokes apart, Yuvi silenced everyone by scoring at much faster pace than Kohli this time; karaara jawaab diya! And let's hope Sehwag also blazes like him, unlike his first match innings of this season. Jai Ho!

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