Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (II)

This story goes below as is directly narrated by a friend of mine:

I was in 11th standard that time, returning home after a normal school day in the summers on my bicycle. Since it is so hot during summers in Delhi-NCR, atleast 50% of my way back seems to be a deserted area in the afternoon hours. I was only 200 m away from home when I noticed a girl pacing hastily and 2 guys alongside on a bike apparently teasing her. As I drew closer to them on the kachcha road, my ears could make out one sentence which they threw at her atleast twice - 'Apna naam to bata de / bataati ja' => Tell us your name atleast.

At that point of time, I was reminded of the situation if somebody starts eve-teasing my sister, then how embarrassed she would feel herself. But since I was physically weaker being in school and the eve-teasers were two in number, I just stopped my cycle in front of her and asked her - 'Didi, tuition jaa rahe ho?' She looked up at me and sensing my help, she answered in positive and added 'Ghar jaake bade bhaiya se kehna ke police station se ABC uncle ko unke tuition house lekar aa jayein' 

This much she said and the guys on bike who were seeing me with a disconcerted look sped up and disappeared in a few seconds from the scene. The girl obviously older than me smiled, 'Thank you, bhai!' I said, 'No problem'. I accompanied her till the starting of market area about 250 m from there and came back home feeling proud of myself being an honorable person.

That's what Sahil, my friend, told me about his being a spirited Soldier for Women. I feel proud of him too. :)

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Ankita Singhal said...

Inspiring post... :), India do need more soldiers for women like him.

Vikas Pratap Singh said...

Yes, India does need anyone and everyone to stand up for the safety and security of our womenfolk. A country whose citizens can't respect it's own fairer gender is destined to fall apart sooner or later.