Thursday, April 11, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (I)

This is my younger brother's story, happened around 3-4 years ago. He was asked by an elder cousin of ours to accompany his wife (our sister-in-law in relation) to her native home (maayaka). Reaching the destined bus station just before dark, he was supposed to take an auto-rickshaw to the final destination. Since it was getting dark he booked a full auto, the only passengers being him and his bhabhi, for being safe and secure from any fellow eve-teasing passenger(s).

The whole journey had to take some 20 minutes. But it was only few minutes onto the road, that two guys forcefully attempted to enter the auto, not understanding the meaning of a 'booked auto', saying "auto mein koi bhi ja sakta hai" and started eyeing his sis-in-law with indecent expressions. So my brother came out of the auto with his bhabhi into the middle of the road with auto just by their side, and started talking with those guys in a louder-than-normal voice

Being in the middle of a narrow road, other people commuting over stopped to see what's happening. A few of them came to the scene so as to ask them to clear the road. As soon as they get to know about the foul language of the culprits towards my bro and his sis-in-law, they took our side and one actually raised his right hand to slap and started pushing them over to the side of the road. That's when both of the eve-teasers fled as the situation got too heavy for them to handle. My brother thanked the fellow guys who helped him get out of the difficult situation at that time of the night (around 8 pm).

And now here I am narrating his story as an honourable brave soldier who stood up for his respected s-i-l when the time asked for it to test his courage and integrity. I salute you, my brother, Ashish Gahlaut! :)

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Ankita Singhal said...

Salute To your Brother Vikas... Thanks for sharing :)

Vikas Pratap Singh said...

Thank you, Ankita! :)