Friday, April 19, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (V)

This is as inputted by another friend of mine, Navdeep, my best friend from college.

He currently works for Tata Telecom in Lucknow and usually commutes to his office daily by passenger auto. Once so happened that there were two Lucknow Univ. girls already travelling along with a middle aged person in the auto he boarded. After a few minutes, it came to his observation while the auto sped up that the middle-aged guy was intentionally colliding his legs with one of the girls inside the auto as they were sitting face to face against each other. The girl, it seemed, was habitual of such harmless things that used to happen in the crowded autos on the daily basis. But as that uncle also tried to move his right hand on her knees, she shouted back confronting him what the hell did he think he was doing. Her friend also joined and both of them gave him their piece of mind about his age and for acting so cheap.

Navdeep was witnessing the same but did not say anything till now. But when he saw that uncle springing up from his seat to slap the girl while counter-shouting that they were wrongly accusing him and to shut them up. It was then that he clasped his shoulder strongly and made him push back to his seat forcefully and then confronted him with a sharp intensity. Seeing such strong opposition from everyone, the guy asked autowallah to stop the auto and tried to get out. But Navdeep didn't let him go so easy and asked the auto-driver to continue driving till the nearest police station.

Hearing to that, the guy literally jumped out while the auto was trying to speed up after getting slow (to stop) just a few seconds ago.

The incident let Navdeep show his character. He made a difference to the society via his reacting that day. And I write of him here because he too is a Soldier for Women in his own right.

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