Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (IV)

My cousin Dheeraj has got a story too which I am sharing here.

During his Biotech. Engg. days, sometimes he had to stay back at his friends' rooms at college hostel for assignments, exams, practicals or so. (He used to commute from his uncle's place located at a distance a bit far from the college campus). It was then when he confronted a group of his classmates randomly calling campus/GH girls' numbers from their mobile phones and either talking to them cheaply, or hurling bad language at them, which he found unjustifiable and upsetting. He directly went to the hostel Chief Warden next day and complained to him about the incident he witnessed without leaking the names of anybody.

It was due to him that an urgent notice was put up at designated places inside the campus addressing all the girls and asking them to report the mobile numbers from whom they get any uncomfortable calls from then on to the college authority (Girls' Hostel warden). It was mentioned in the notice that the owners of the reported numbers will be found out and confirmed from the Sim Registration Form xerox kept in store at the only mobile subscribing/recharging shop at the campus, and the guilty will be made to publicly say sorry for their misbehaviour and punished suitably before all. That clearly sent a clear message to all about the seriousness of the issue regarding such unscrupulous incidents.

Dheeraj! You took a welcome step as a gentlemen and a Soldier for Women. Keep up the good work.

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