Friday, April 19, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (VI)

Continuing my Soldier for Women campaign blogposts, here I am going to mention an incident that occured with one of my friends, Sumit.

Once while travelling in Delhi Metro from Gurgaon (where he resides) to some place in Delhi, he noticed a younger guy playing a song 'Kya khoob lagti ho' on his china mobile and cocking & making eyes at a group of two girls standing together. This incident is before Delhi Metro used to have the front coach as the Ladies Special. The train used to be rarely filled on that route that time of the day and there was only one elderly couple more sitting besides that guy and those girls and my friend, Sumit.

Sumit noticed and unnoticed that guy's (with china mobile) actions (he deeemed it to be harmless in his mind basically) and continued in his own world. But the elderly couple, who was sitting just a few seats behind that guy and the girls, raised their objection to the indecent actions of that guy. He ignored them that time and the couple also didn't say anything after. But as at the last station all were deboarding, the younger guy again made a passing comment to the girls. The elder male was also just behind him and was much physically stronger than him even though he seemed to be in his 60s.

He held that guy and slapped him hard on his face. The metro security personnel at the platform also came rushing through and asked me what happened but himself understood the situation once he observed the scene. The girls thanked the couple by nodding their heads smilingly and acknowledging their help. And the guy teasing the girls earlier went in the opposite direction after the bout he got. But Sumit directly went to the elderly couple and supported them vocally in doing the right thing. They too smiled and left the station thereafter.

Sumit while narrating this to me had said it was HIS moral duty also to have confronted that eve-teaser before the elderly couple had to. Atleast he is now clear in his mind and heart. Therefore, I hold that elderly couple as well as Sumit for their action and belief, in the brigade of Soldier for Women. This post is a tribute to all three of them.

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sankalp2310 said...

Went through all the 6 incidents you have mentioned.
I'm born and bought up in Nasik/ Pune so have never witnessed such kind of unsafe environment.

Delhi and UP are so unsafe for Girls. Even Mumbai is not less but incidents you mentioned developed a feeling of fear.

Good work dude by appreciating those who raised their voice against the wrong. Keep up the good work!!!