Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soldier for Women: Blade of Honour (III)

This post is about another friend of mine, Sandeep. He shared his story for this movement with me yesterday.

While he was doing engineering, he used to reside in the college hostel dormitory. The guy who was his roommate became his friend over the course of their fresher year together; he had a gf at his hometown whom he normally used to talk to in the evening hours almost daily. Once so happened while he was talking from the room's balcony to her on mobile, that Sandeep (from inside the room) heard some cuss words spoken in a loud pitch. It didn't take him much time to understand that his roommate was literally spitting abusive language to his gf on the grounds of her secretly meeting with another guy for quite some time. 

The drama continued for about 5 minutes, and when Sandeep couldn't listen such dirty language anymore, he came out in the balcony and asked his friend to mind his language first of all since it is no way to talk to anybody, more importantly not to a girl. He continued scolding him calmly that if she has betrayed him, then don't talk to her or ask her the reason. And if she still doesn't want to continue with you, then she is on the losing side, not him. But if you talk to her in this bullshit manner, then she is justified in ditching him, and that it may cost him his friendship. Sandeep tried to convince him that whatever she had done, it was obviously wrong. But that shouldn't become the reason to disgrace his own personality; that it's okay to curse her face-to-face or on phone but should not use derogatory words directed towards the other gender because he too has ladies at his home and it's a disgrace more to them than his gf.

He seemed to understand but somewhere under the fallacy of his break-up, he became a girl-hater and became a free abuser of the fairer sex anywhere anytime. Due to this the friendship between Sandeep and him also took a negative push and both changed the rooms while entering their sophomore year.

But persoanlly, I feel whatever Sandeep did was not at all bad. He stood up for the integrity of womenfolk on the improper grounds of cuss and swearing words which almost everybody uses frequently in India and which is definitely wrong. I stand by him and I strongly vote him as a Soldier for Women.

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Ankita Singhal said...

WOW... I despise foul words and many people these days wear those words like medals, great to see that there are people who hate such language as well and isn't ashamed to take a stand. Kudos!! Thanks for sharing :)

Vikas Pratap Singh said...