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Book Review: 'Nobody Dies a Virgin' by Sanjay Shukla

Title: Nobody Dies a Virgin

Tagline: Life Screws us All

Author: Sanjay Shukla


‘What are you guys going to cherish after five years? The mundane thesis work, or working on an idea that no one has ever succeeded in?’ His utterings sound persuasive, but illogical, the stuff dreams are made of. Tapan and Harsh put their careers on the line. Will his passion make stars out of them or will it take them all down? Or just some of them?

It all starts with Aadi stepping into IIT Cawnpore for his post-graduation. He goes on to master a challenge as old as the age of the human flight. He beats the researchers all across the world. But he is yet not done fighting. Bruised egos, heated discussions and red tape, he needs to fight them all. And then there is the lady in red, a whiff of fresh air.

‘I value my friends more than my dreams and that’s the reason I am ready to trade my biggest achievement of the past two years.’ Would Aadi trade his sweat and blood for his morals? Will world know Aadi as a discoverer or will his story be lost in the ashes of time?

About the Author:

Sanjay hails from Pantnagar, a reputed university town in the state of Uttarakhand. After his post-graduation from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2007, Sanjay spent four years with General Electric - Aviation. Recently he has joined Aeronautical Development Agency, Ministry of Defense. 

Between the chores of corporate life and his personal commitments, he completed his first novel titled 'Nobody Dies a Virgin'. Apart from writing, the author makes time to pursue his interest in dance, swimming and gliding. Sanjay also pens short poems from time to time. 


Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

ISBN: 9789380349800

Price: Rs.120/- MRP

Launched on: October 2012


The novel follows the story of three friends - Aadi, Harsh, and Tapan, through their post-graduation journey at IIT Cawnpore. Post breaking up with his former gf, Aadi finds a new passion in his Flying Car project. He includes both of his friends in this out-of-the-world dream of his, and also registers the unofficial support of few on-campus professors to get help with the lab facilities for experiments. But he goes wrong in making a mean professor his enemy, who will leave no stone unturned to make them all fail in their efforts. Adding a romantic angle to the story is Sonia, an MBA undergraduate at the same institute.

Will Aadi overcome all his obstacles and succeed in converting his dream project into reality? How far is Dr. Subbarao willing to go to super-feed his self-ego?! Is Aadi ready yet to lose his friends and/or his degree for his dream project?! Read the book to find out more; as it depicts very well how our higher education system (intentionally or unintentionally) suppresses innovative thinking among the students, and lacks the will to provide quality infrastructural support making their dream projects go down the drain in the process.


The language quality is superb, really. The proper yet sarcastic choice of words really makes the reader want to read the sentences again, to enjoy more.

The whole flying car idea is very nice and forms the crux of the novel. The well-structured ups and downs associated with this project is what keeps the story moving forward actually.


Reader's connection with the story gets loosened at various points due to break in flow encountered repeatedly throughout. The random discontinuity between dialogues, situations, and emotions makes one to go superficially about the book.

The main story (except the Flying Car part) lacks depth. One's attachment to the storyline remains shallow throughout. It is just another typical college life narrative with assignments, courses, beer, hostel, with a tinge of romance.

Core technical descriptions seem to have been inserted too much; could have been presented in a simplistic manner.

Overall, a nice one-time read. A good effort from a debut author, though could have been better. Surely to be watched out for his next novel in line.

Recommended for: Technical story readers, Language lovers

My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

P.S. -- Received a review copy from the author Sanjay Shukla personally in exchange for an honest review

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