Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Moral of The Story is...!

This is a real story that happened to me starting around September 2011. That month first time I noticed a very small bald patch on my beard and pretty much ignored it thinking of it as a minor allergy of some kind. A week or so later, I went for TD (Temporary Duty; official) which was, more or less, a fun learning program. There I noticed a slightly bigger bald patch on my beard this time. Still terming it as a minor infection, I once again ignored the warning signs, totally unaware that it was a growing case of alopecia areata barbae

At the end of one week program, when I came back to my residence in Bangalore, there was not one but two such patches now on my face, one gradually growing bigger every week and another small one, both on my right cheek near chin beard area. I got quite nervous after observing them in detail for long and googled to find it a real disease and diagnosed it with the above-mentioned name. Then very next day, I visited my area's CGHS dispensary, got referred to Skin Specialist at Shivaji Nagar Polyclinic (under CGHS scheme). After observing me, he wrote me 2 kind of medical cream to apply on the affected areas and to take Biotin (Vitamin B) tablets for a few months. Only when I asked him, whether it will heal completely, he added that it will take some time but it's minor in my case and is treatable.

I took his advice on my diet and medicines and started following the procedure he mentioned every day. The patches, by then, have grown so much as could be observed by any onlooker directly looking at my face. Friends also started asking what's happening to my face. But thank God, it didn't spread much after my visits to the doctor. And after a continuous application of those creams on my clean shaven face (which looked quite odd in the daytime due to their oily and shiny properties when applied), my face got back to its normal sheen just like former days.

And I was so so happy and relieved because of two reasons. First, a normal, alopecia-free face again; secondly, having no gf during this period saved me a lot of embarassment/criticism. :P

The moral of the story is --> never ignore the warning signs when it comes to your health as we are nowadays living in a world polluted to its core.

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Hey Good point you made there. Kudos.