Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gourmet Food Weekend Party for Family

My family, as like everyone else's, has always fed me the best food in daily life... and now it's my turn for once. :)

Ambience: Sweet aroma sticks will be used to scent up the atmosphere. Few lightning lamps for flourescence

Entertainment: Some light Bollywood music... Old is Gold

Location: Rooftop of my house on a cool (not chilly) moonlit night

Gourmet products from Kitchens of India:

Indian Bread: Missi roti, chapaati

Curry items: Paneer Darbari, Dal Bukhara

Taste Enhancers: Mango Jeera Chutney, and Pineapple - Green Pepper Conserve, fried paapad, salad

Dessert: Hazoori Petha Halwa, vanilla ice-cream + gulab jamun

P.S. -- This post is an entry to IndiBlogger contest in association with Kitchens of India.
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