Monday, June 10, 2013

Ring The Bell for IndiChange

Well, my idea to Ring The Bell is to treat womenfolk with respect and I would request my readers to follow the same. Because this is the only way we can take the first and foremost step to bring violence against women to a halt.

Let's take an example. Say, a young lady is walking down the street in modern attire. Ok, she is in a short top with open shoulders, and a mini-skirt; or say she is walking alone after dark. But that doesn't give any guy a right to harass her just because he thinks her dress is provocative, or she is inviting you. If a girl is wearing a modern dress, then I agree a guy's eyes will definitely follow her body atleast once; but that's the line, really. Admire the beauty in your mind and move on; keep your distance. 

Just imagine your sister/spouse in such a position, then how bad you'll feel if someone throws tantrums on them. Well, then you'll say, I will never allow my family's ladyfolk to roam around like that outside home. What! You won't allow them to go see a movie on their own!  Aren't they human being that they have to have your permission to step out of the house every time?! I don't think so. I say, one should inform the family members where they are going but that's it, why should a permit be required all the time!

Womenfolk are not our pets. (Even pets get behaved with much more cordially than women in India, and I am ashamed to write this statement but it's a fact of our times). Therefore, I request and ask all my fellow Indians, in conjunction with Ring The Bell movement, not to disrespect women whether inside your family and/or outside your relation.

Thank you very much for reading and following the sincerest advice. I hope this post of mine changes the thinking pattern of men in a positive way. Only then, we can proudly shout - Jai Hind.

P.S. -- This blogpost is written as an entry for the IndiBlogger initiative in association with Bell Bajao

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