Saturday, June 15, 2013

A timeless journey... with WeChat... priceless!

Q. - If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional.



Who: Shri Krishna

Reason: He is the Lord, the architect of Dharma's win over Adharma

Will get updated on: his Gita updesh live at the beginning of the Mahabharata war, using WeChat!


Who: Aryabhatta

Reason: He is the greatest Indian mathematician-astronomer

Will discuss on WeChat: how he came across the idea of place value system and how he discovered zero, and the approximate value of pi


Who: Maharana Pratap

Reason: He is my ancestor, and also one of the most courageous king who will be known for his bravery in the Battle of Haldighati against Akbar's enormous army till the end of time

Will discuss: and learn the tactics of spear-fighting from him; will update the real-time happenings of the Maharana-led win in the Battle thro' WeChat!


Who: Leonardo da Vinci

Reason: He is the best all-rounder talented artist (a polymath) in the history of mankind

Will talk on WeChat: regarding his paintings, especially Mona Lisa; his inspiration behind it... and will talk about his other scientific discoveries which played a very important part in the Renaissance phase.


Who: Swami Vivekananda

Reason: He is the revered young Hindu monk from India

Will get updated on: his historical Chicago speech live, using WeChat


Who: Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmibai

Reason: She was the fearsome warrior queen; the leading figure of Indian Revolution of 1857 for Independence against the British Raj

Will update thro' WeChat: to her in advance about the 'war' intentions of Dalhousie; will ask her permission to spy over his forces' movements, and will provide real-time updates to Rani (thro' WeChat)


Who: Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Reason: He is the creator of epic poem Madhushala, and my idol in the field of writing poetry

Will WeChat about: his inspiration behind writing the poetry threesome of Madhushala, Madhubala, and Madhukalash.; will seek to learn more about writing beautiful hindi poems :)


Who: Jules Verne

Why: He is the father of adventure novels

Will WeChat about: his dreams and vision behind his novels 'Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea' and 'Round the Moon', the very first novels I read which later became my inspiration to write my own adventure saga (an upcoming novel)


Who: Rakesh Sharma

Reason: He became the first Indian to go into space, in 1984

Will talk about: his space trip live, thro' WeChat


Who: Amrita Rao

Reason: The beautiful and innocent-looking Bollywood actress, my heartthrob

Will talk about: her movie Vivah, and will float my marriage proposal to her on WeChat ;)

P.S. -- This post is my entry to the IndiBlogger contest in association with WeChat.
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