Monday, June 10, 2013

My Cloud Blogathon experience

Loved it there at #CloudBlogathon conducted by IndiBlogger, sponsored by Microsoft Office 365... at The Tower Kitchen, UB City on 2nd June 2013. It was my first IndiBlogger meet and I was, (in)visibly, excited :D

Best thing I liked there was the super-flow of unlimited pint Beer; had a couple of them along with non-veg un'limited' snacks. :P

Made some good friends over the time - one, an avid blogger and an aspiring author; the other one just going to become a published author; among a few others. Hope I'll get some publishing tips from them when my under-process novel is ready for the market ;)

Liked the simple yet powerful persona of the GM of Microsoft India, Mr. Pichai, who himself came to us while we comfortably waited outside the venue before registration and we had our introduction. A man of confidence and knowledge, he is, surely.

Then began the Office 365 interaction. I had only a vague idea about its products before the meet, only that it works on Cloud (Computing). But there I got to learn how smartly it can be useful for a range of purposes; and how MS is contributing on social level in India through its various programs. 

From the talk of Mr. Pichai himself, I wished upon the thought that if only I could have got more of  the industry-institute interaction in my college (NIT Kurukshetra + Microsoft initiative), I would have developed much better understanding of - what do I need from my college life to become more useful/successful as a corporate honcho later. As a result, I would have got so much exposure, as I got in this Office 365 meet, during my college days that my whole perception and aptitude towards Industry would have been more mature and sophisticated. I would have really appreciated this my whole corporate life. :)

Last but not the least, I enjoyed a lot during the fun-quizzes, but couldn't win any prizes, none at all...  :( sad but not at all disappointing. That Sunday became the best start to the month of June for me in Bangalore as it was the first time I got inside and on the top of UB City. Amazing view. And the IndiBlogger t-shirt at the end was a cute surprise, or say, a consolation prize for me for being there ;)

Thank you very much, IndiBlogger and MS Office 365 for conducting such a great, no! grand meet. Hope we get to meet more often! :) :)


Ankita Singhal said...

WOW... I missed the fun... seems like a fun event. All the best. I like your wit here and there...May you win :)

Vikas Pratap Singh said...

Thank you, Ankita.. it was really a lively atmosphere there. May you too get to attend such an IndiMeet soon! ;)