Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mardaani 2: Lady Conductor

Do you know that Bangalore BMTC buses employs female conductors too? I don't think there are many cities in India where we see such a gender equality with respect to employment either in govt. or private sector. So last week when I was coming back from Sparsh Hospital towards Silk Board via Electronic City passing after my 2nd followup post tendon repair surgery in my left wrist, I boarded a Volvo and the bus started running in its intended direction.

On the 3rd stop after my boarding, as the bus was coming to a halt for any passengers to board, I saw a Kannada middle-aged couple fighting, the man was pulling her wife to get to board the bus while the woman didn't want to enter it. Since they were ranting in Kannada, I could not understand much but as per the situation it seemed the man wanted to travel in the Volvo but his wife wasn't willing to; maybe because of the skyrocket fare of this service. Volvo charges Rs 70 for around 15 km; while a regular BMTC bus charges Rs 25 in comparison.

After half a minute or so witnessing their fight as the man had entered the bus and was pulling her wife, the lady conductor of our Volvo charged towards them and shouted at the man. She snatched the wife's husband and asked him to board the bus alone if he wanted to or let his wife willingly board too. She said, as much as I could decipher, that if the man's wife didn't want to come in, then either he should get out or travel alone. Blasting these words to the guy, she asked the driver to close the automatic/hydraulic gates and start the bus. Seeing the gates closing, the man then went down blabbering.

I don't know whether she did correct by interfering in the couple's trouble, but she did it as a Mardaani and this post is dedicated to her. 

P.S. -- This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.

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