Monday, July 21, 2014

Zest of my life II

Following continues my Zest for Life points:

(1) Ghar ke kadhi-chawal: Everyone has atleast one culinary item which they like cooked and deliciously savored at home. In this respect, my favourite dish is home made Kadhi-Chawal. Whenever I visit home, this is one dish my mother never forgets to specially prepare for and serve to me.

(2) Cold coffee: I am not much into junk beverages, though I like indigenous drinks like nimbu pani, coconut water, lassi. But cold coffee is just one exception which is not Indian. It soothes me in a manner no other food item can, though I must admit the craving is never satiated and I always want more of it.

(3) Blogging contests: Well, these new additions to my online life have certainly developed into a special zest for my offline life. Always on the prowl to look out for interesting blogging contests at BlogAdda or other similar websites, what interests me most is the complimentary vouchers for each posts of ours. Well, this has certainly become an exciting avenue in recent years for me.

(4) Music: There is nothing better than music to alleviate and ascertain whatever you are feeling inside. Most of the times even when I feel numb, I never fail to appreciate the corresponding music as soon I play it. Good music is the best zesty thing that can happen to anyone.

(5) Movies: The mass entertainer plays a deep role in the pumping of the individual. Inspirational movies always leave filled with determination and conviction to better play out my life and to pursue what I want to achieve. It maintains my zest on regular basis that I just have to make good use of time and opportunities besides enjoying every moment living on the Earth.

To maintain zest in life, these are just a few points apart from the ones already mentioned in my previous blog post.

P.S. -- This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and
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