Monday, July 21, 2014

Zest III

Here continues the third list in continuation with the two already posted regarding what keeps up the zest in my willingness to live extraordinarily, as ordinary is just not for me...

(1) Lost - TV series: I credit it to be the best thing ever happened to me. That one late night of endlessly searching college LAN to look for some movies to watch when I discovered some episodes of Lost shared by someone's pc. That was the day my life changed... for the better. LOST has everything - the purest form of adventure, mystery, suspense, human behaviour, hope; in other words, Life in every moment of it, the graciousness of which can be implied by the fact that till today, I have watched whole 6 seasons of this series ten times at the least. This zesty point of my life can only be understood after watching this magnum corpus called LOST.

(2) Sleep: The best tension reliever and natural stress inhibitor, sleep I love to. My personal record of continuous sleeping is 19 hours at a stretch. The foremost yet underrated first love of every person, sleeping is the only primary ingredient which keeps the zest justified in one's day to day life.

(3) Astronomy: Ah! Those stargazing nights of summer sleeping on the roof and looking for the trail of constellations, satellites and ISS. My primary hobby which has been now propelled into lifetime ambition of penning down a top class Space fiction novel, as I am directly inspired by Jules Verne and Carl Sagan.

(4) Making others happy: The best zest booster. I feel double happier than the person whom I try and get success in making him/her smile and bring out a good laugh.

(5) Sunrise Valley, Wayanad: The awesome natural place I have visited till now. Serene, calm, composed yet deep view of this valley is imprinted in my mind and whenever I recall the moment of my visit there, it practically calms me to a ground level as then I get to admire that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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