Monday, July 7, 2014

Scanning not only skies but Space

After so many stressed and over-worked weeks, even Siri, his virtual housemate, has spotted the signs of burnout too. Without any instructions from him, she begins to compile journey possibilities that she knows he’ll love.

"Perhaps a trip to see Northern Lights, one of the seven wonders of the Natural world?" She adds, "Or Snorkelling at Khao Lak island waters in Thailand."

"Maybe something a bit more relaxing," he replies. "Siri, open SkyScanner for me. I heard there are rewarding a few with 1 lakh credit points to plan our travel. Let's see what destinations it has got for me, shall we?!"

Over the next 20 minutes, SkyScanner directs a virtual stream onto his third-generation Glyph TV, a curated cascade of inspiring images, words, sounds and prices calculated to get his travel juices flowing.

Finally, a stunning image of one of the new space hotels in low orbit over the heart-stoppingly beautiful blue-green curvature of the Earth makes him sit up and take notice.

"Now we’re talking," he murmurs. "Book me a seat, Siri. But don't forget to check out the budgeted prices for travel and hotel stay through SkyScanner. Or else, I'll be doomed mate'y."

To travel is to live a dream, but to plan a travel is a nightmare, for there are many checkpoints before you decide to jump on a bus/flight/train and go to your favourite location! The number of sites and portals that one has to look through to get the cheapest airfare, best hotel booking deals, car hires, bus bookings, etc. is overwhelming enough to dampen your travel spirit. Won’t you like if an expert came to your rescue and made all your travel planning easy before transporting you to your land of dreams? Skyscanner – the travel wizard – will make seem all the bookings and planning an itinerary a breeze.

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