Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mardaani 5

She was told that her place is somewhere else. That she should board the Ladies Only coach of the Delhi Metro then nobody would bother staring at her, and shouldn't ask the people sitting at Ladies' seat in general coach to vacant seat for her.

She shouted it's not his verdict where to stand, what to wear, and which coach to board as their present coach wasn't specifically labelled Gents Only. So, she could enter it without any other thought. It's him who should watch himself. is wrong of people to complain that there shouldn't be reserved seats for ladies in other compartments when one is fully reserved for them. The reserved seats (2 in number) are in total for ladies, old people or people who need it more than you (pregnant or disabled people).

Most of us have seen people telling off girls who ask for seats in a compartment over bearing with men to go to their reserved compartment. No one willingly boards the general compartment which is full of prying eyes.
Those reserved seats signs were placed at the beginning when the metro started. Nobody has purposely put them even after there is an entire coach reserved now. If feasible, extend help, otherwise, don't. I have seen all the girls who board the general compartment always prefer to stand. Nobody has their eyes on those two seats.

I don't know her name but she was a Mardaani to fend off those men sitting on ladies' seat. Every girl should do the same in such condition - fight for what's right and what's their right. I know they can't improve the world by this but it makes a difference when a girl perceived weak shows her power in public so that no one gets to tell her again what she should do and what not... Hail Mardaanis!

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