Sunday, July 13, 2014

The village mardaani

This incident happened in my village few months back concerning my own extended family. As two of my nephews, aged around 8 years, went for nature's call as usual to fields some distance away from home, two unknown drunks grabbed them with their hands and started forcibly taking them with themselves. Amid feeble protests, one of them was able to free his hand and ran back to our village house. There he found only her mother and grandmother as all the male heads of the family either had gone to the plough-fields or on their respective jobs.

The boy, Vivek, explained while huffing and puffing everything to her aunt. Sumit was the name of the boy the goons still had with them. Her mother, my cousin sister-in-law, hearing that took the lathi used to drive farming animals with her and ran with the boy to the site. Few meters ahead they heard the cries of Sumit and charged in that direction. As soon as her son came into her view struggling with the goons who were slapping him brutally and mercilessly, power of Maa Durga soared in her veins. Running as if possessed she started raining knocks with the thick stick she brought with her and shouting at loud voice. The resulting commotion might lead to other people coming there and holding and turning them over to police, thinking they left the boy and tried fleeing the scene.

At this juncture of time, since my sis-in-law couldn't catch up with them running, she picked up and rained at them large pieces of bricks and dry mud lying nearby. A half-brick luckily and powerfully knocked one of the men's head and he tripped down. Till then, few people had gathered who grabbed the fallen, beat him and turned him over to the police. My cousin sis-in-law proved no less than a mardaani when it came to the safety of her children, as every mother would have at that time.

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